Governance Bodies

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has strategic functions and monitoring duties; it defines company objectives, strategies and plans and defines the investment/divestment policies of the Fund and monitors the implementation of these policies.

The Board of Directors has 12 members, 2 of whom meet the independence requirements established in the AIFA Independence Protocol:


 Office  Name and Surname
 Chairman Innocenzo Cipolletta
 Chief Executive Officer  Carlo Mammola
 Board Member  Ferruccio Carminati
 Indipendent Director  Stefano Firpo
Board Member  Federico Gallo
Indipendent Director  Anna Gervasoni
Board Member  Giovanni Gilli
Board Member  Roberto Lombardi
Board Member  Rinaldo Ocleppo
Board Member  Giovanni Ronca
Board Member  Giovanni Sabatini
Board Member  Marco Zizzo

Board of Statutory Auditors

The duty of the Board of Statutory Auditors is to monitor the compliance of management activities, particularly in terms of compliance with the laws and the Articles of Association, compliance with the principles of proper administration and the adequacy and proper functioning of the Company’s organisational, administrative and accounting structure.

The board of statutory auditors has three statutory members and two substitute members:

Office Name and Surname
Chairman Paolo Bifulco
Statutory Auditor Alfredo D’Innella
Statutory Auditor Marco Tani

Conflicts of Interest Committee

The function of the Conflict of Interests Committee is to assess whether any potential interests of the Management Company, its shareholders and related parties, as well as one or more investors of the Fund may affect the interests of the Fund’s participants, and shall issue and provide a mandatory opinion in accordance with the “Conflicts Policy”.

The members of the Conflict of Interests Committee includes two independent directors from the Board of Directors of the Management Company and includes the Head of the Compliance department, who acts as coordinator.

Compensations and Career Committee

The function of the Compensations and Career Committee is to submit proposals to the Board regarding fees payable to the Company’s top management, including directors who are given specific mandates and executives.

Investment Committee

The SGR has set up one Investment Committee for each fund to issue motivated technical opinions, as provided for by the Regulation of each fund.