Control Functions

Compliance & Risk Management

The Head of the Compliance & Risk Management function is  Gianluca Leggieri, who is also the Coordinator of the Conflict of Interest Committee.
Andrea Adorno collaborates with the activities of the Compliance function.
Gaetano Longo and Anna Tomasiello collaborate with the activities of the Risk Management function.

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is conducted by Protiviti s.r.l.

Auditing firm

The accounts of the SGR (asset management company) and the Fund are audited by Reconta Ernst & Young SpA, with its registered office in Rome - Via Romagnosi 18/A - CONSOB Register no. 2 (

Funds for the growth of SMEs

The medium-long term objective is to create a broader spectrum of medium-sized companies, by encouraging the aggregation of smaller companies, allowing them to be more competitive at the national and international level.